5 reasons why India lost against Pakistan in Champions Trophy final

India was favriout for then final against Pakistan and the reason was that they have performed really well in ICC turnaments. But India lost the match. Here are reason, mistake that India has done .

  1. Kohli – Kohli has done a below average job as a captain in this match. From wining toss and inviting Pak to bat as we all know that Pak cant chase. It was a very good wicket so India should have batted first. Bowling changes : Kohli has’nt change his bowlers well. If you see Pak has started very well so he should you have used Kedhar as a part timers in near 20th overs. Giving Ashwin, Jadeja, Ashwin, Jadeja even they were going with more than 7 runs per over. Why he gave 45th over to Kedhar instead of Bhumrah only he can explain.
  2. Ashwin : so much negative bowling from Ashwin. When he started, he was bowling with slip and bowling at leg stump that does not make any sense.
  3. Jadeja : after the very bad bowling Jadeja did very bad with Hardik. May be its wrong call or Hardik’s mistake but Jadeja should have given up at that time. He should have come out of the crease because Hardik was hitting very well. How could you do that ? That is just so selfish.
  4. Dhoni, Kedhar and Kohli all gave their wickets by playing false shot. Kohli just dropped by Azhar but again on the next ball he tried flick, After Yuvi got out why Dhoni has tried that shot even 2 fielders were there. He should have stayed there for some time. Same thing done by Kedhar.
  5. Bhumrah’s no ball. He got the man in the start of the inning but it was no ball and from there he did not look back. It remindes me 2016 semi final.

It looks like Kohli and Co. did not have any B plan.

Comment if you feel the same or many more.



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